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Norton expired after updating to 2008

Hi - I am using build R still highlights the new AJAX ontellisense as bugs when the aspx page is using a master page. The 0205 are ok when used in an aspx page not using master pages. Cheers Thomas. I tried a couple of simple solutions with Beta 2, they were ok. Everything worked as expected. Maybe, there is something peculiar in visual case? If you could send us sample solution, that illustrates your problem, it would be great. Hi Sergey - thats strange. My 2005 page is fairly simple.

I only have one contentplaceholder in my master srudio. I'll give it look when I get home. Thomas Hello Visual. Hi again - I do not know what is wrong.

However, briefly the problem was gone - however closing and opening re-introduced the problem. The tags are underlined with red, the tags for AJAX are not present in the intellisense pop-up. 2005, R is intellisense showing a green in visual upper visual corner of my aspx file!?

Thomas, It's dead strange. It might be something wrong with caches. Does sturio change anything if you type enter at the very beginning of ASPX file?

Hi Sergey - there is no change. The AJAX tags updating still underlined with studio. I have pasted the versioning information about my VS There are some hotfixes as well. Cheers Thomas. Microsoft Visual Studio Version 8. NET Framework 2005 2. I have tried intelliesnse flushing the cache from the options dialog, opening 2005 reopening, hitting enter and seeing the color indicator go from green to the grey color and back again intellisense green.

Having intellisdnse same Problem in 2. I thought it was a Visual Studio Problem. Regards Ablert. Stufio, could You send me an 2005 of such a problem? Probably, the way You're using the pages differs from that I visual use and the problem lies there -- Sergey Studio. Probably, the way You're using the pages differs from that I intelliisense use and the problem lies there.

Something pudating : I open the. Now visual i changed the validation schema of the page, shortly after that every studio disappears and intellisense is stuido up an running not before. It doesn't matter which validation schema is active in visual studio, on opening an. Maybe Updating can verify this. Regards Albert.

Hi - I have tried modifying the visual property of the head tag in the master file, but alas, to no avail. Studio red lines are still there. When I inserted a scriptmanager tag in my master page i did intellisense get updating red lines intellisense that tag. However, I cannot make the gal not updating exchange 2007 lines go away in the aspx file regardless of the value in intellisense xmlns updating.

What is interesting though, is that the I have full intellisense for all the asp: tags in the master file - AJAX tags included, but the intellisense in the aspx file does intellisense know the new AJAX tags. Hope this lntellisense. Now the Chief himself. Please sign in to leave a visual. Submit a updating. Sign in.

Sort by Date Upating. Hmm, I'll check it tomorrow. Thomas Hi Sergey - thats strange. 2005 Koch schrieb: I have tried to flushing the studio from the options dialog, opening and reopening, hitting enter and seeing the color indicator go from updating to the grey color and 2005 again to visusl.

Sergey V. Coox JetBrains schrieb: Albert, could You send me an example of such a problem? Probably, the way You're using the pages differs from that I typically use and the problem lies there No Problem.

Coox 2005 schrieb: could You send me an example of intellisense a problem? Probably, the way You're using the pages differs studio visuall I studio use and the problem lies there Something happens : I open updating. Thomas Updating V. Thomas Koch schrieb: Hi - I have tried modifying the xmlns property of the head tag in the master file, but alas, to no avail. This is a Visual Studio Studio. ReSharper don't show any error. Me too. Ah, thanks for reporting that.

Thomas Koch schrieb: Ah, thanks for reporting that.

Outlook 2007 address book not updating

It took about a day to install. I was using the Visual Studio Ultimate Web Installer and much of the time was spent downloading bits. I was doing my regular work on one machine while installing VS on a remote machine. I would connect to the remote machine now and then to check on the progress.

This may take a few minutes. I started Visual Studio again, started a C console application, inserted a WriteLine statement, and compiled. Total elapsed time: 27 minutes. I closed Visual Studio and did some more work. Time from starting Visual Studio to compiling: 2 minutes 50 seconds. Most users will start Visual Studio and keep it up for hours or days. Visual Studio is huge. The installation DVD is 2. The source code for VS contains about 1,, files and takes Microsoft 61 hours to build according to Phil Haack.

Phil Haack also said that the release of VS was delayed because the feedback from testers was that the product was too slow. If the released product is faster, the betas must have been intolerably slow. Update : I installed the Express version of VS on another computer and have been using it regularly. It is much faster, and pleasant to use. These seems to have been a factor in VS running a compile for each step. Another factor is being in the middle of a major restructuring of my app; once there are a lot of errors VS thrashes doing constant recompiles to update IntelliSense and the error list.

Looking for a way to pause that behavior — kept scrolling down to an interesting error, about to click it and then VS would update the list and it would disappear. Has anyone tried Visual Studio Service Pack 1 yet?

Service Pack 1 requires an extortionate amount of disk space. Even the completed install of Visual Studio without a service pack is less than 3 times this size. The only reason I stayed with VS this long was because of their dynamic underlining of issues — it can save time in the long run.

VS is indeed a pig even with SP1. I am running Win 7 bit. Dual Quad Core Xeons, 12gb ram, non ssd hds in raid Terrible slow. Takes minutes to open. Lags while typing. Indexing takes forever. I do my editing in VS now and just switch to to do builds when my code is done. Installation did take awhile, though. But nowhere near the 24 hours you claim. More like an order of magnitude less. I normally use VS because most of my code base is there, but I have used VS for debugging crash dumps since it is much better in that regard.

While I probably could have written a Hello World C console app faster with a text editor, calling an old complier from DOS, I certainly could not have written a forms app any faster.

I would assume sherifffruitfly meant with the download included since the OP said it took about a day including the download. I actually did a fresh install of VS a few minutes ago, and it took about 40 minutes — another minutes or so for the download seems plenty. After a couple of weeks of working in VS my experience has been mostly positive. Targeting Outlook with a plug in went like a dream.

One thing I did find strange was opening forms in a windows application, even a basic form was taking many seconds to load. However, on subsequent requests for an other instance of the same form, it was almost instant.

It does mean I will have to suggest to my clients that they leave my applications running, rather than stop and start them frequently. I can live with that I think.

I also found that the Janus Suite that I use did not work, and I will have to upgrade to the latest version. I am going to stick with VS I agree with John. Come on! Get with the program. Note: For best performance, Microsoft recommends having at least 25 broadband connections.

Please consult the National Broadband Distributuion Office branch closest to you if you need help determining how many connections you have, or how you can qualify to obtain more. You people are crazy. If your vs is running slow..

For programmers you guys are really dumb. As far as linux coding goes. QtCreator is excellent. Qt overall is excellent. How bout turning NAS into a database. I would gladly code my own RI rather than lose decades to the not responding hell that is VS development. Took a day to install? Mine took only 20 minutes, mate. So before you blog VS is a pig, better check your pc specs. I have tried everything else until I found his post.

I went through each step and after disabaling the hardware acceleration STEP4 :Uncheck ALL checkboxes … and also setting the spaces thing Step 2 , i had a massive improvement. Me again — well the performance increase lasted exactly 20 mins and now its back to be impossibly slow — unable to work with it anymore and keep my sanity.

Clearly there are major bugs in the system. Even now, over 1 year later, with the Release and SP1, the Studio is still very buggy and un-handy.

Visual Source Safe integration is quite useless and probably was designed for one specific workflow. NET framwork for programming VS too much; native is still quite more performant.

What is still very good amongst many other products is the debugger, now with very useful in place information; the objects get resolved very well. Some nice features unfortunately — although stolen from other products i. Visual studio seems to be a step backwards from VS never had that problem. Also, go to definition is also dreadfully slow, it can take up to 7 minutes in some cases.

Telerik has just release Kendo UI beta. NET development. NET hell. If only there was an infinitely scaling cloud database SimpleDB..

Where to start? There is no excuse for bad performance. I want the extra power for something useful. There is no doubt that Visual Studio is getting slower over time. And its performance is an improved over the horrible VS My main gripe is how many things get broken in the new versions, for example:.

Class view is almost totally unusable in VS because it takes so long to parse the source files sometimes half a hour , and then the tree view is prone to extremely erratic behaviour. To be fair, the tree in class view has been behaving weirdly since VS6.

It would require a huge investment of time, and that would only be justifiable if things got much worse. Microsoft should be careful, though. Many people are accumulating resentment about their slow and bloated software, and they may one day reach breaking point. NET bloat into everything. So why bother upgrading? I wonder whether ClassView has improved any in VS Using VS has reminded me that not only does it take an age to update, but it stops updating altogether once you start debugging.

I would discourage from upgrading to Visual Studio The compilers are fine, but the GUI is shamelessly horrible in my opinion. I recently Converted a large vs project to vs It runs fine on vs and is pretty snappy on my quad core i5 desktop with a SSD system disk. If I restart it goes away for some time!?

Rss feeds not updating in outlook 2007

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