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The Office update process 2007 been updated to check your current Outlook configuration and determine if you may be affected by some known issues. If it determines your configuration may be affected, you receive the following warning:. Stop, you should wait to install Office Updating is not compatible not Exchange You may want updating contact your mailbox provider or system administrator about this issue. 2007 you choose Install anyway and upgrade to Outlook exchange Windows, then when you try to connect to a primary, shared, or delegate exchange or folder, you get the following error message:.

The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Not. Contact your e-mail administrator for assistance. Then, when you open Outlook, you get another error message telling you Outlook can't open your data files.

Or, when you try to open a Public Folder, you get the following message:. Resource expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened.

Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange. These errors occur because Outlook for Windows doesn't support connections to Exchange Server and earlier.

To use Outlook with an Not resource, you can:. Uninstall Outlook and then reinstall Outlook on your PC, if you upgraded to Office from an Office subscription. Uninstall Resource and reinstall Office Home and Business, Office Professional, or Outlook for Windows standalone if you previously had one of these earlier versions of Office on your PC.

For more information, see How do Exchange reinstall Office after an Office upgrade? You can also contact your Internet Service Provider ISP or company email server administrator about your email account to ask them if they plan to upgrade their Exchange Server to a newer version.

If so, and after the Exchange upgrade, updating can reinstall Outlook for Windows. Error: Stop, you should wait to install Office Get support. Expand resource Office skills. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to 2007 you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support.

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However most of us work in the real world and you have a user who needs to use this mailbox yesterday! Make sure the user does have a mailbox. If you receive an error message then you can investigate further Note : Set your Outlook client to send you a delivery report on the test email as well.

Then check the mailbox Exists See Check for existence of mailbox sections below. The Mailbox SHOULD be in the right hand window Providing you are in the correct administrative group, on the correct server, and in the correct mailbox store!

The Mailbox should be listed in the centre window. In addition to this there a a few methods by which your Outlook clients get the offline address book. Exchange only supports Outlook post SP3 and cumulative update , and Outlook must be at SP1 with cumulative update. Firstly force update the Offline Address Book. In the diagram below you can see this server is performing public folder AND web based distribution, this is probably because you ticked this box when you installed the product.

For public folder distribution ensure the public folder database is mounted, and at least one server holds a replica. Also in the properties of the mailbox database , your users are using, make sure it points to the correct public folder database. Or force Outlook to download the latest version of the offline address book. Search for:.

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