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Updating server 2008 core

Windows Server 2003 R2 Install Tutorial, time: 17:33

This chapter describes how to update the Windows Server gal with server-specific device driver software. Gal chapter contains the following sections:. The procedures in this chapter assume that you already:. Sun provides a wizard to install Sun server-specific drivers and supplemental software. Directions for using either method are described below.

Start the Sun Fire Installation 2003 software using one of the following methods:. Windows Sun Fire Installation Package dialog box shown below displays. Click Next server accept the default settings. The Install Pack notice dialog box displays. Review the Important Note and then click Next. The End User License Agreement page appears. A green check mark verifies that each driver has been successfully installed. Click Finish.

If you accepted the default settings in Step 2click No to proceed to Installing Supplemental Software. If you are not installing the Supplemental Software, click Yes to restart your computer. There are supplemental software components available for your Sun Fire server.

You have two options for installation: Typicalwhere basic choices are made for you as indicated in the table belowand Customwhich is a superset of Typical and includes all software components of Typical plus additional software components you can select. Provided setver Windows Server SP1 only. Built into Windows Server R2 and Component installation wizards will guide you through the installation of each of the selected supplemental software components.

Once the supplemental software has been installed, click Finish. Click Yes at the System Setting Change dialog box to restart your system. Proceed to the serfer section to learn more about Supplemental software.

This section lists additional information about Sun supplemental software windlws your server. This information includes:. The Configuration Wizard in the MSM program simplifies the process of creating disk groups and virtual exchange drives by guiding you through several simple steps to create your storage configurations. MSM works with the appropriate Operating Server OS libraries updating drivers to configure, monitor, and maintain storage configurations attached to windows servers.

The MSM GUI displays device status in the form of icons, which represent exchange controllers, virtual disk drives, updating physical disk drives on your system. Special icons appear next to the device icons on the screen to notify you of disk failures and other events that require immediate attention. System errors and events are recorded in an event log file and are displayed on the screen. Available documentation for the above components may be found on the Sun documentation windows site at:.

From your Windows taskbar, click Start, and then click Programs. For example, if you wanted to set up NIC teaming, you would click the Teaming link. Select Enable from 2003 Teaming Configuration drop-down menu, and then click Apply. You serfer see the unpopulated Teaming Table displayed. To select the network interfaces to team, and configure the teaming options, click the Create Team button.

From the available list of Ethernet Interface Names, add available interfaces to the team by clicking the Add icon. You can have two or more in a team. After selecting the interfaces to be teamed, click the Next button located at the bottom of the page. The wizard updating guide you through the configuration and setup of your team. For more information about using NVIDIA networking options through updating the web-based or Windows interface, refer to the documentation and online help 2007 with the product.

This tool allows you to combine all the NVIDIA Ethernet interfaces on your system to form a winddows, resulting in increased bandwidth and network fail-over redundancy. You will be prompted to select the Standard or Advanced interface.

You can setup teaming for two or 2003 network interfaces. For example, if you wanted to set up NIC teaming and select your on settings, instead of the using the optimal defaults, you would select Use Custom Teaming Configuration.

Select the network interfaces you wish to team, and then click. For more information about server NVIDIA networking options refer to 2003 documentation and online help installed with the product. For Windows Server SP Served Windows Server The Windows Components Wizard dialog server displayed.

Highlight Management and Monitoring Tools component, and wndows click Details. The Management and Monitoring Tools page is wibdows. The Hardware Management component is installed. On the Taskbar, click Start, and then click Run. For more information on standard IPMItool commands, please see:. All rights reserved. Update the Critical Server-Specific Drivers.

To Update the Server-Specific Drivers. Note - If you plan on installing Supplemental Updating highly recommendeddo not restart your system at this time. Once the Supplemental Software has been installed, you will be prompted to restart the 2007. Not applicable. To Install Supplemental Software. Note - If you have already installed the supplemental software, running the installation again will not necessarily reinstall the supplemental software.

It updating result in the components being removed. Carefully review the dialog boxes during supplemental software installation to ensure that the results are updating 2002 lx470 nav system expected. Its functionality is disabled by default. You can only configure your server to use one or the other. Note - To determine which network interface ports sdrver active on your system, refer to Appendix A.

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It is important to ensure that all the latest patches and updates are applied to any Windows Server WS installations if the server will continue to be used past the official July 14, , end-of-life , which is when Microsoft ceased supporting the software. It has a section devoted to Windows Server It uses a repository of Windows updates to check systems for updates and packages. It can either send notifications of missing updates and patches or install them automatically.

It also includes features to allow users to automatically install some classes of updates and manually install others. Another important tool is the Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer. It scans for missing security patches and common security misconfigurations in Windows Server systems. Standalone updates are applied to a computer that is already running the operating system.

When the update program is run it installs the necessary files and makes the appropriate registry changes. Note: Not all patches, or fixes, that are intended to resolve one or two vulnerabilities, work flawlessly with all installations. Some patches might break parts of the system, or have other undesirable consequences, so it is important to check patches before applying them to all the servers in an installation.

This is frequently done by setting up a test system, either a virtual copy of the server configuration or a separate test server, and testing the patches. If there is a problem with a patch, it can be removed by going to the Control Panel and then selecting Add or Remove Software.

As an alternative to the Microsoft supplied programs, or as a supplement, you can use a third-party patch manager like ManageEngine from Desktop Central to manage Windows and non-Windows patches. Here are some of the recently released patches for Windows Server Make sure they are all applied as soon as possible.

MS — This vulnerability could allow remote code execution if Windows Media Player opens specially crafted s this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system remotely. MS — This patch resolves vulnerabilities that could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker logs on to the system and runs a specially crafted application.

An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts that have full user rights. MS and MS — This patch prevents remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted document or goes to an untrusted webpage that contains embedded TrueType fonts. Without this patch, a cracker could elevate privileges via local logon and run arbitrary code in kernel mode.

They could then possibly install programs, alter or delete data and create new accounts. Check out this article to learn more about how GoDaddy handled the Windows server end-of-life. Image by: dotty finlow via Compfight cc.

Articles By Product. Search for: Search. End-of-life with ease It is important to ensure that all the latest patches and updates are applied to any Windows Server WS installations if the server will continue to be used past the official July 14, , end-of-life , which is when Microsoft ceased supporting the software.

WS contains a number of features to help manage patches. In the shared distribution folder, create a folder for the update files. Copy the Windows Server Update. Restart your computer after you finish installing all of the updates.

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