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TurboTax is the 1 rated "easiest to use" and the "tax software with the best advice 2007 options": Based on independent comparison of the best online tax software by TopTenReviews. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply updating this thread. TurboTax can help find you any new tax deductions and credits personalized to you and your unique situation. File faster and easier with the free TurboTax tax. If you were a deemed resident or non-resident of Canada insee Income Tax and Benefit Package for non-residents and deemed residents of Canada. You must accept the TurboTax Turbo Agreement to use this product.

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Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with 2007 site. Trying to updating Turbotax on Windows 10, can't get it turbo run, any ideas? This thread is locked. You tax follow the 2007 or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 1. BulldogXX Replied on June 13, Installing 9-year old software on Windows 10 is a challange. Here are updating things you can tax 1- Install Turbotax in compatibility mode.

How to Make Old Programs Work on Windows 10 2- Create a virtual machine with the operating system you originally used and install Turbotax in the virtual machine.

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I recently had to amend my tax returns, which were originally filed online. Okay, fair enough. If you're on Windows, you can just go to the website and find the download link for the version you need. But if you're on a Mac, you have to fill out a form to request a download link. So I go through that BS and get the Mac app. Tried it again, same thing. Rebooted, same thing.

Copied the app over to a different Mac because I already used my one allotted download , same thing. I figure since this is happening on two different Macs that I must not be the only person encountering this problem. Since the app is no longer updated, the workaround is to download and run a shell script that fixes whatever it is that's causing the crash. Okay, great, at least there's a fix!

I click the download link for the shell script — broken link. So I dig around some more and eventually find a different post, with a different link to the shell script, that someone else was kind enough to upload because the "official" post from TurboTax was never updated with a working link. I run that and finally I can launch the app without it crashing. Now I can finally amend one of my state returns, which is what I intended to do an hour and a half ago well, actually three days ago including waiting for the download link.

Now the problem is that because I filed in multiple states that year, the return won't even open unless the add-ons for each state are installed, and you only get one for free. Yep, Intuit are monsters. If you still feel like your blood pressure is too low you might enjoy doing a bit of Internet browsing about how they specifically lobby government against any effort to make filing taxes easier or automatic for common, simple financial situations as exists in much of Europe for example.

Native VMs lack 3D accel but that doesn't matter for a task like this with productivity software where you really just need to do a single specific task. You can get a few terabytes of good old spinning rust for a song, it really is worth just hanging onto older installers, it's hard to predict when you might need them once again and link rot is a huge problem.

The thing that gets me with this is not that the Mac software is bad, which I expected, but all the bullshit with having to request a download link that expires after one use.

They make every Mac user go through the same ridiculous process individually just to point them all at the exact same app! It makes no sense whatsoever. That sounds like good advice.. Lame as hell. And of course, you can always download the forms from Revenue Canada, fill it out yourself, then either mail it in or do an online submission. It was enough of a problem unable to update some tax code files that I made the switch to TurboTax after jumping through many hoops and literally hours with their customer service trying to make Taxcut work.

It is a common problem in Taxcut's forum, so not just me. With TurboTax it was one-and-done this year. There is an inertia to these decisions. Everyone makes it effortless to import last year's data. So going forward I am way more likely to use TurboTax next year. IvyBridge wrote: That sounds like good advice.. In fact if all you want to do is some old Mac versions for the occasional BC there isn't even much reason to go for a commercial solution at all because unlike Windows there isn't even any significant performance advantage nobody does soft virtualized 3D acceleration for Mac guests that I know of.

I wish I could say I'd never seen non-sensical download policies and arbitrary vanishing of older stuff and such from anyone else but it seems sadly prevalent in some fields.

Although again, worth remembering that if it's not on your own system under your control there is a bit of a foundation of sand to any web dependency. Even great devs can get bought out or go bankrupt or undergo a major course change like switching to a pure subscription-based business model or whatever.

Sometimes you can still find someone who will send you something old if you ask, but it's certainly more convenient if you've got it yourself. Not to pretend I got fully into the habit over some very mature prescience or something. Bunch of other Mac friends are the same, I suspect mailing around DVDs is still how Intuit operates a lot just like many finance places still require a fax for certain transactions. Financial institutions in general are clearly 22nd century techno astronauts surfing the latest digital paradigms.

Why just recently I saw a bank I dealt with change from having a number only password limit on their site accounts I was so proud. And let's all remember to not be too mean towards finance related companies and developers and such, it's only like they're dealing with trillions of dollars not something important like internet opinion forums.

Yet another TurboTax idiocy: when installed, it can only be run with administrator account privileges! I don't know of any other Mac application that has that restriction. Since I didn't want to install and run this in my admin account, I just dug through the package and modified the executable privileges to allow anyone to run it.

Take your pick, convenience or security. With Intuit, you can't have both. I am amended my return with TurboTax online last year, but it was just later in the year for the previous tax filing so maybe that is why I did not have to install the software? Yeah sounds like a pretty sucky experience. I just can't come up with a single reason why it would be to Intuit's benefit to make the Mac download work like this: It's more development work than a direct link — you need a form so users can request the download, a way to generate unique access codes, etc.

But I can't come up with anything. I bet some senior guy who has never used a Mac for more than 5 minutes at a time said something like: "Did you know on a MAC you can just copy programs by drag-and-dropping?

Those MAC people just think they can pirate software wherever! Like I said this really isn't that uncommon with certain types of companies of a certain age Intuit was founded in incidentally, it's quite an old company by tech standards.

And yeah, when you see companies doing stupid things that aren't even justified by greed it's extra annoying, it's an enormous peeve for me too for a Mac Ach example see the Mac Pro. However, often the cause is some baroque pile of cruft on the backend note "cruft" here can encompass both technical and bureaucratic systems , and thus there isn't any point in wasting much thought on it.

Incredibly irritating odd password restrictions? Odd platform differences? Their Mac efforts have been through multiple shifts and halts and restructurings over the decades, they had Quicken then that got spinoff. I'm sure they've got 3rd party stuff mixed in here and there too. Maybe it's all part of some dastardly master plan but kafkaesque processes, grinding inertia, disorganization, entrenched systems, layer cake stacks and so on are more likely. Such is B2C life I guess, grim resignation and adaption is often the order of the day.

Though a bit of healthy venting can be cathartic too. Not even a serial code. I image the CD and can just copy paste that wherever, share it with my household including one in college in another state , pull up old versions years later, etc. I've run it in VMs both directions, it's needed no internet connection beyond actual online requirements like only submissions or updates. You can in fact just drag-and-drop. Even random shareware people can slap on some SS system, I think Intuit just doesn't care that much.

They've got an entrenched position and have successfully fought off efforts to simplify the tax code and adopt European style systems to make automatic options available to Americans. At the end of the day what are we going to do? Right down to the acronymization of Mac. Would you be so kind as to point me towards the working script that you found? But I had to download and install the app, only to find out it was crashing. Gave up. Called an accountant.

It cost me hundreds of dollars, but fuck Intuit. TurboTax for Mac is Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. IvyBridge wrote:. I actually long since gave up on Intuit's site period and went back to just getting my copy of TurboTax on optical disc each year, then I image it and toss the disc each time.

Ars Centurion et Subscriptor. Leaping Gnome. I'm at a loss. I just can't come up with a single reason why it would be to Intuit's benefit to make the Mac download work like this: [ Evil Avatar. I'm good to go. Posted: Sun Jun 10, pm. Posted: Mon Jun 11, pm. Registered: May 10, Posts: Posted: Thu Jun 14, am.

Posted: Thu Jun 14, pm. Posted: Thu Oct 11, pm. Posted: Sat Oct 13, am.

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Intuit offers the "TurboTax" software program to tax filers via the Internet and on software installation CD. Online users are at a greater advantage, however, because the program receives near instantaneous updates when available. The installed program on a computer must connect to Intuit for updates. Filing electronically makes things tax by reducing errors and speeding 2000 refunds. Click on the icon to open TurboTax on your computer.

Also, ensure the computer is connected to the Internet. Sql the "Online" menu option, then select "Check for Updating. Monitor the computer screen for any additional instructions or error messages. Click replication "Online" turbo option, then select "Updater Preferences. With this step, you can configure TurboTax to download updates automatically whenever you open the program and connect to the internet. Tax the "TurboTax" menu option, then select "Check for Updates.

Click the "TurboTax" menu option, then select "Preferences. If your computer 2007 Internet access, then manually download the TurboTax update from a computer that does 2007 access and save it to a USB flash drive or memory stick. You can also subscription this manual update method for TurboTax software from earlier tax years.

Be careful to differentiate between the terms "update" and "upgrade. Upgrades, however, do not convert earlier versions to the latest version of TurboTax, i.

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Jan 17,  · Turbo tax has limited "subscriptions" or "filing". You can do multiple people using the tax software -- heck, my family use to trade the software until I became an accountant. Now they just take my ultra-expensive tax software from my office (haha). But you can prepare multiple returns on it -- it just charges you multiple times. Update 02/ Go here for a version of this roundup updated for tax year. Here is a roundup of current promotions on the online version of TurboTax tax preparation software, the kind of software I have used to prepare my taxes for several years and will use for tax year as well. Dec 31,  · TurboTax can run on many different computer platforms, from PCs to Macs, to mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets. If you install TurboTax on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, check that your system meets the minimum requirements to ensure it will run smoothly. Jun 07,  · I found that I needed to open a browser window before starting TurboTax for Mac as the first program I opened. Without the browser Turbotax seems to pretend to open but then quits.



Updating group policy in windows 2000

Tax Software: Online or Desktop? Tax Software: TurboTax, TaxCut, or TaxAct? Tax Software: E-File or Mail? Goodbye TaxCut, Hello TurboTax; TurboTax and TaxCut Compared Side By Side; Say No To Management Fees. If you are paying an advisor a percentage of your .



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Turbo Tax. Sign Up Log In. Manage your money with Mint © Mint Software, Inc. Alert Confirm CATEGORIZE check To give you the freshest possible info, your accounts are now updating this will only take a moment. Your accounts are still updating, but one of them needs your attention. Your accounts are still updating. Feb 12,  · Turbo tax went into the applications file and also has a desktop icon when disc is in use. I have used this tax software for many years with windows. This is my first with Mac. I registered the account in August 05 as a new Mac user just to see what the Board was all about, I was curious then about something that I do not even recall. The TaxSlayer Pro Story. TaxSlayer Pro grew out of a family-owned company with 50 years in the tax preparation business. We offer a professional tax package for tax preparers.