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How to insert Table of Contents in Word (Step by Step) - Microsoft Word Tutorial: Table of content, time: 8:05

The table of contents of IEC publications shows all elements marked up with the following styles from the IEC template:. It also comprises a list of figures and a list of tables. All figure and 2003 titles contents need to be marked up with the corresponding style from the IEC template:. To update the table of contents, place the cursor inside the table and press the key F9. This needs to be updating separately for the table of contents itself, the list of figures and the list of tables.

Due to the many regional variants and settings in Windows and Contents, the IEC table word contents does not work on all computers. When we edit your document during the CDV, FDIS and publication stages, we also work on the table of contents, so the 2003 version of your document will contain the IEC table of contents with all the appropriate settings. However, a table of contents can also be of great help during the drafting process. If the IEC one does not work in your case, you can insert one of Word's default tables.

It table not be configured exactly like an IEC publication but should allow you to benefit from the structural overview and the links to clauses and subclauses. If you are an expert user and would like to find table how to make the IEC table of contents work in your case, please contact the Updating helpdesk. International Electrotechnical Commission. International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and word technologies. Advanced search.

Problems with the IEC table of contents? Privacy Contact IEC offices. All rights reserved. Using the IEC autotexts. Creating the table updating office 2003 lisnece contents.

Tracking changes in a document. Working with commented documents. Creating amendments.

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Not long ago, I received the following email from a large law firm which was creating some internal documentation:. How do I create a Table of Contents in Word to begin with?

Headings 1, Heading 2, etc. Click on the Table of Contents Tab. Click OK. You need to tell Word to create hyperlinks for TOC elements. The instructions below are for Word , but they should also work for Word The process is much the same for earlier versions of Word.

You might have noticed that the TOC elements in the screen capture above look like web hyperlinks. I believe it is a good practice to ensure that hyperlinked elements in the PDF are evident to the reader of the document. Cool trick! Not many legal professionals even know that TOC entries can be hyperlinked within Word, so this just takes it a step further.

What about for doing this process in Acrobat Pro for Mac, in either v 9 or X? If you use a fully qualified hyperlink e. However, that functionality is now missing from Safari and Mail, so I have to wonder what Apple is up to as well. I am not sure why companies are removing this functionality when we are supposed to be moving to electronic documents. Word Mac does not have any program interface that allows third parties to directly control the application.

That may change in the future. I see that Acrobat. This seems to be a bit unexpected — one wold have thought that Adobe would have been consistent in this respect!

It happens automatically if the doc is created on a PC but this incredibly useful functionality appears to be missing from the Mac version. It seems like such a small thing, but it would make such a huge difference to anyone reading the guides and reports we produce. Not on the Mac, sorry. Microsoft did not provide any application program interface for Adobe to do so. You can use Acrobat. The first five conversion are free.

I went to Acrobat. However, it appears that the only way to try it is to subscribe and pay for a month. Sorry, we used to have a free trial for up to 5 documents, but I guess that is no longer available. Microsoft does not provide any application program interface for Office on the Mac. I understand the TOC process, thanks for that, but am having problems getting normal word hyperlinks to convert into the pdf when I print.

Thank you so much for this posting!!! I kept looking for something wrong with my Acrobat settings and was very frustrated until I found this post! My file works perfect now! PDF Creation is only one small aspect of Acrobat.

The instructions above seem to offer either links OR page numnbers but not both…. Are you using the PDF Makers and do you have them set to create hyperlinks? You might also try updating the TOC in Word. I have all check boxes marked as indicated but the no links within the Word document are retained in the PDF created. This problem did not occur prior to updating to Word You need Acrobat X for compatibility with Office Acrobat 9 came out more than two years before Office , so you will need to upgrade.

Is there a way to create a link within text in a Word document that links to a specific area of text in a PDF document? This seems like it should be fairly straightforward but I cannot find a way to accomplish it. However, it is possible to do pass through advanced parameters via web browsers.

This might be a deal-breaker for me. Update the TOC. TOC links come back. I have both platforms, but Office is significantly better and more stable on Windows. Essentially, you upload your Word file to Adobe, we convert it on Windows, and send it back to you. I am currently a subscriber but once I upload a document created on Mac for PDF conversion only the hyperlinks created throughout the document work. The TOC does not. Am I doing something wrong? I think you are on the Mac.

Is it possible in word or PDF to add link for these topics automatically. Steps: 1. Click on Save As 2. Click on Options button below the file type dropdown list 4.

Select Document Structure Tags for accessibility 6. Save the file and …. You are done…. You will not only have the TOC links embedded , but also the bookmarks will be added in the PDF for easy navigation using the left hand side navigation pane in Acrobat Reader.

That works OK in most cases but that feature is not available on the Mac, fyi. Also, Office will rasterize in OpenType fonts in the document. I did some research on this and it turned out to be an easily fixable issue in Word itself.

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