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Outlook is a popular email updwting application, but sometimes does not work as expected. The Outlook Search issues, jpdating 2007 suddenly or after updating or upgrading Outlook or Windows to a more recent version. If Outlook search does not work, or doesn't return all or the correct results, then follow the instructions mentioned below to resolve Outlook search problems.

The first method to resolve Outlook search problems is to see if the Outlook search function is working normally in Safe mode. In Outlook safe mode, perform a search. If Outlook search is working appropriately, then disable all Add-ins and restart Outlook normally. To disable Uppdating Add-Ins:.

Not the File menu and select Options. Select Add-ins at the left pane. Uncheck the checkbox next to the Add-in that you want outlook disable and click OK. Restart Outlook. On the Tools menu, click Trust Center. Select Add-ins on the left pane. To do that:. Select Search on the left pane.

At the right pane, select Indexing Options. At Indexing Optionsclick the File Types tab and check the pst and the ost checkboxes. Then click the Index Settings tab and click the Rebuild button.

Change the value indexign to 0 to disable the Indexing in Outlook. Open Outlook and perform a search. EXE" application. So, see if one of the above updates are installed on your system and if so, then remove them. To view and uninstall updates in Windows:. Type view installed updating on the indexing box and then click at the result that appears above. Once you find the 2007, select it and click Uninstall. Please leave a comment in the comment section below or even outlook like and share this blog post in the social networks to help spread the word about this solution.

Ayush verma September 4, pm. Just updating indexing from microsoft outlook …. Then you can search mails in outlook Account — option-search option-indexing remove tick from your mail — restart outlook.

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One reason behind Outlook search not working can be a problem in Window Indexing service. The best method to solve this problem is rebuilding the index, which will automatically fix all other minor problems. So, to rebuild the index, you have to follow these simple steps;. The rebuilding process can take several hours for the completion. Apart from rebuilding the index, some other alternatives are also available if you want to ignore the long process of rebuilding the index.

So, you have to index the complete Outlook. In order to fix this, you have to repair your corrupted PST file.

Once the file is repaired, open Outlook and check for indexing. However, if the size of PST file or Mailbox is too big, then it can take some time for the indexing. Reset the Index Even after rebuilding the index, if the Instant Search does not display any results, then try restoring defaults.

Your email address will not be published. Home Products Offers Contact. Himanshu Goyal Updated On - 02 Jan Rebuilding the Index The best method to solve this problem is rebuilding the index, which will automatically fix all other minor problems. Click this button to start the rebuilding process. So, if the installation of Windows search got damaged, you can remove and reinstall it easily. Now reboot your system Once the system reboot is done, you can enable this feature with the same process.

You can turn it on, by following the same steps. Ensure that Indexing is complete The second option to solve this problem is to check if the PST file or mailbox are indexed or not. Follow these steps to reset the Index. Find a Lost Folder in Outlook Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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2. Check Outlook Index Locations



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