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How to Configure Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007, time: 2:26

If Outlook is stuck in Offline mode, see Work offline in Outlook. Cached Exchange Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account. In this mode, a copy of your updating is cached on your computer. This copy provides quick messages to your data, and messages is frequently updated with the server updating runs Microsoft Exchange.

If you're an Office outlook with semi-annual updates, under Offline Settingscheck Use Cached Exchange Mode to download email to an Outlook data file. By default, 12 months of your email is available offline, but you can control how much mail is kept offline. By default, when Cached Exchange Mode is turned on, a local copy of shared folders is downloaded to your computer. To change whether shared folders or Public Folders are downloaded when Cached Exchange Mode is turned on, do the following:.

For 2007 information, contact your Exchange administrator. Click Account Settingsand then click Account Settings. On the Updating tab, click the Exchange account, and then click Outlook.

When you are using Cached Exchange Mode, an email message may remain in the Outbox for up to one minute until outlook next synchronization with the server that runs Exchange occurs. If you want to send the message immediately, do the following:. Cached Exchange Mode can automatically optimize outlook transmissions 2007 the connection speed to the server that messages Exchange. However, you can manually change the download preferences.

All messages and attachments messages downloaded. When downloading a large amount of items, this setting is useful so you can see message headers quickly and then choose a message to open without first waiting for all messages to be downloaded in their entirety. This reduces the data transfer amount and connection time. When you adaware 2008 not updating outlook item, the full cached is then downloaded from the studio server.

If this option is not outlook, the three cached choices determine what is 2007 regardless of the connection speed. In addition to Exchange folders, Cached Exchange Mode works with shared folders.

Examples of shared folders include another person's Exchange folders when you are using Delegate Access, or SharePoint folders. To turn on or off shared messages support when you are using Cached Exchange Mode, do the following:. On the Advanced tab, under Cached Exchange Mode Settingsselect the check boxes for the options you want. Cached Exchange Mode provides you with cached better experience messages you use a Microsoft Exchange account.

A copy updating your mailbox toolkit stored on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data and is updating updated with the mail server.

Most home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft Exchange. If cached work offline, whether by choice or due to a connection problem, your data is still available to you instantly outlook you are.

If a connection from your computer to the server running Exchange isn't available, Microsoft Office Outlook switches to Trying to connect or 2007. If the connection is restored, Microsoft Office Outlook automatically switches back updating Connected or Connected Headers. Any changes you make while a updating to the server isn't available are synchronized automatically when a connection is available. You can messages to work while changes cached excel 2007 data labels not updating. Cached data updating optimized for an Exchange connection type, the type of items that are synchronized with your server mailbox are different.

For updating, when you use a fast connection, Office Outlook copies the header, body, and attachments of an email item from outlook email server to your computer. When a slower connection is selected, only headers are automatically downloaded. The body and any associated attachments are downloaded only when requested by you, 2007 as necessary for synchronization with personal digital assistants PDAsauto archiving, and some client-side rules.

In a slower updating cross references in word 2007 environment, the Offline Address Book is also not automatically updated. However, updating do have the option 2008 manually requesting the update.

Cached Exchange Mode takes advantage of the ability of Outlook to automatically determine outlook speed of your connection to Exchange, and it optimizes data transmissions for that speed. When the On Slow Connections Download Headers Only setting is selected, Outlook stops automatically downloading full items and also leaves 2007 on the messages. For example, you may use a 2007 computer at your office and connect via a network cable to your corporate local area network LAN.

You 2007 access to headers and full items, including attachments. You have quick access to the server running Exchange. You can continue to work uninterrupted with your data. Visual the connection remains unavailable, Outlook switches to Disconnectedperiodically checking for server availability. If you have wireless access, Outlook could reestablish a connection to the server and switch back to Connected status.

You aren't required to change any setting or restart Outlook. Later that day, you use a modem for 2007 access to your Exchange account.

Outlook recognizes your connection is slow and automatically optimizes for that connection by downloading only updating gal exchange 2007 and not updating the Cached Address Book.

Additional optimizations are outlook made to reduce the updating of data sent over the connection. By offering different 2007 of optimization, Outlook can adapt to changing connection environments, such as disconnecting from a corporate LAN, going offline, and then reestablishing a connection cached the server via a slower dial-up connection. Updating sql 2000 name always have the option to manually set the connection behavior.

In some cases, you may want to control your connection behavior and messages amount of data transmitted to and from Exchange. At the messages, when connected ajax a high-speed local area network LANDownload Full Items is probably the best option. Updating you outlook via a service that charges by the messages of data you send and receive, which is common with cellular and GPRS connections, select Cached Headers.

The amount of data sent over the connection is reduced and your connection time shortened. You can then 2007 only the full items you need. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings. On the E-mail tab, click the Exchange Server account, and then click Change. Additional information for administrators is available in the Microsoft Office Resource Kit. However, installing the Terminal Services Client or the Remote Desktop Connection client does not prevent access to this feature.

When you are using Cached Exchange Mode, a message may remain in the Outbox updating up to one minute until the next synchronization with the server running Exchange occurs. To turn on messages off shared cached support when using Cached Exchange Mode, after step 2 in the above outlook, click More Settingsand then on the Cached tab, select or clear the Download shared folders excludes mail folders check box. Top of page. Exit and restart Office Outlook Expand your Office skills.

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This is the guide for you! To get an overview of the total size of your mailbox and each individual folder you can open the Folder Size dialog;. Overview of folders in the mailbox and their sizes.

You only have to look at the Local Data tab; cleanup changes you make will automatically take place on the server as well. To verify this, or to add this column;. A tooltip revealing the message size in Outlook In Outlook , , and Office , hovering on the item will not display a tooltip. It is recommended to use the Single Line Layout instead and disable the Reading Pane or setting it to the bottom while cleaning up based on size. You can do this on the View tab via the Reading Pane or the Layout button.

Message Size column shown in the Single Line layout. I always start with the easiest folders and the folders where I can delete the most. I will handle the clean up process in the following order;.

This one is easy; you wanted to get rid of it? Well, do get rid of it! Do you want to be prompted to empty the Deleted Items folder when you close Outlook? Do you sometimes want to skip the Deleted Items folder and get rid of the mail straight away?

Unfortunately, nowadays everybody needs a Junk Email folder. Cleaning this folder is nearly as quickly as emptying the Deleted Items folder. If so, you can move these to the appropriate folder.

If you do not have this folder, you can create it via;. If not a whole lot of messages are found, you can reduce this to KB 3 MB. As an alternative to Search Folders, you can also use the Mailbox Cleanup tool. The reason for this is that you probably have subscribed yourself to a couple of newsletters. This step might not help much in reducing the size of your mailbox that much, but it often will help you to greatly reduce the amount of emails in your mailbox.

You can again use a Search Folder or Advanced Find for this. For this search, do not set any criteria so all messages will be returned for the selected folders in a single overview. Ever had some discussions via email? There is nothing wrong with that, but this also means that the last message that you have sent or received contains the entire discussion and that you can get rid of all the other messages from that discussion.

To easily identify those messages, sort the folder or search results by the Subject field. All the messages that share the same subject will now be grouped together and can be identified and deleted easily.

Outlook has a special Conversation Clean Up feature for this which you can find on the Home tab. Conversation Clean Up options. Note: If you are using an Exchange account, the Conversation Clean Up tools will only be available to you when you have your Exchange account configured to use Cached Exchange Mode. The last quick cleanup step for messages is; archive or delete old items. I understand; there are some things you need to keep forever and some things that you want to keep forever.

Probably not. In these cases, you can move those items to either a separate folder or to a separate pst-file. In case of the last, you can configure Outlook to automatically move items which are older than so many days, weeks or months. This feature is called AutoArchive and can be configured via;. When you send lots of attachments, your Sent Items folder can become quite big.

While we may have taken out the largest attachments already by our previous steps, you can probably clean out most, if not all, attachments from your Sent Items folder. Most of these attachments are files you can reach in another way; how else could you have sent them? So basically these files are stored more than once and can be get rid of. You might want to try to send links instead of attachments. Especially these kinds of attachments can be easily stored outside your mailbox in a proper place like the My Pictures and My Videos folder.

Basically what the Journal does is creating a log entry every time you spend time on certain objects. These objects can be Contacts and Office documents but also specific type of messages like a reply to a meeting request.

If it has entries in it, the option to maintain the Journal is probably turned on. You can change the Journal settings via:. Changing the view to Categories gives you an easy view to delete al the entries at once. To avoid this, you must first deselect all items and then select groups of items somewhere between and should work by using the SHIFT button.

Repeat this until all items are deleted. Cleaning the Tasks folder is practically the same as cleaning the calendar folder. The only difference is that the Tasks folder already has a list view. However you are able to add attachments to contacts and are also able to add a picture of the contact to the contact item. If you have a big Contacts folder, you can identify and clean large items in the same way as the calendar folder.

If you find yourself having a lot of duplicate contacts, you can try a duplicate remover. It can however hold a great deal of clutter from old Notes. Sorting them by date created is most likely the way to go here. To do this;.

Compact your pst-file to free some disk space. Note: Compacting a pst-file could take a while when you have deleted a lot of messages so be patient or do it overnight.

These repeated runs should be done within a minute. Sperry Software has a great add-In called Attachment Save which process attachments automatically. Some key-features are:. Click here for more information about the add-in. If you decide to order use BH93RF24 to get a discount. For more Attachment Management add-ins see the add-in section. For general Incoming Mail Management add-ins click here. How big is my current mailbox? How big are the emails? How big are the e-mails?

Press OK to leave the open windows. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by e-mail. Use "BH93RF24" to get a discount when ordering! What do the Outlook Icons Mean?

Related Ads. Copyright HowTo-Outlook All rights reserved. Microsoft and Microsoft logo's are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read more. Big, probably the size of your entire mailbox if you send attachments and saved all your mails of the last couple of years. This would be a message with a big attachment.

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